Clinical Outcomes

Surgeon: Dr Joseph Grace

Outcome Highlights

Four key performance outcomes for Dr Grace are:

Spider Vein Treatments (requiring revision) - 0.07%

Varicose Vein Surgery (requiring revision) - 1.3%

Postoperative Complications - 1.7%

For example Dr Grace performed 275 Spider Vein Treatments and 2 needed a revision. This is below the national average.

Revision Surgery is surgery where due to some complications or other issues the patient needs to have extra surgery to resolve the problem.

Statistics: from 1/1/09 - 31/12/15

What is a Clinical Outcome

Dr Grace is a member of the Phlebologist team at North Shore Vein Clinic have a robust system for monitoring clinical outcomes. This system comprehensively audits all clinical operations. This includes inputs from:



Nursing and Administration staff

as well as feedback fro Health Funds and other Hospitals.

The data is reviewed and analysed annually by independent statisticians.

North Shore Vein Clinic - Clinical Outcome Audit

Dr Grace chairs the Clinical Outcomes Committee and the Clinical Audit which monitors this data and we are confident that it is accurate.

Dr Grace established his private practice at North Shore Vein Clinic in late 2002, and since then have performed approximately 1,200 Vein Treatments per year at North Shore Vein Consulting and Day Procedure Clinic. The reports below includes all of these procedures from 1 Jan 2002 to 31 Dec 2016 and are updated annually.