Our Fee Schedule

Single Service Fees

Minor First Visit – Free

Major First Visit - $160

Minor Surface Vein Treatment (Microsclerotherapy) - $249

Major Surface Vein Treatment (Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy) - $649

Major Root Vein Treatment (Endovenous Laser Ablation) - $1799

Treatment Plan Fee Schedule

Tailored Treatment Plans with a maximum gap range from $649 to $4999

Pricing Policy

The clinic fees are always below the national average for the same services and those recommended by the AMA.

What services attract medicare rebates?

Most, if not all, services at the Clinic are provided by a registered Medical Practitioner including associated Ultrasound Scans and Ultrasound Guided Treatments attract Medicare rebates.

What is the benefit of a Private Health Fund?

Almost all treatments provided at the Clinic require the use of Specialised Support Stockings. Most private health funds provide a rebate on the cost of stockings ONLY.