Your Vein Journey

There are typically four steps in your journey to healthier veins. These are:


The consultant doctor’s initial aim is to form a preliminary opinion about what might be wrong and to propose a possible treatment plan. The initial consultation with one of our doctors involves:

  • Understanding your symptoms
  • Taking a full medical history
  • A physical examination
  • Conducting preliminary tests, including scans
  • Discussing your problem
  • Discussing your treatment options
  • Drafting an initial treatment plan, including fees and risks



Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

This stage is to help you clearly understand the exact nature of any Vein Disease. The diagnostic tests vary and may involve both imaging test (Radiology) and blood tests (Pathology).

After these test results are reviewed, a repeat consultation may be required to decide or modify the most appropriate treatment plan.


Understanding your Vein Treatment Choices and Vein Treatment Plan is very important. We believe a better informed patient leads to Healthier Vein Outcomes.


Often patient with various forms of Vein Disease may require ongoing Vein Management. Other times certain conditions may have a high recurrence rate. Our Clinic and the team of experts are here to help with a full range of Vein Management services.