Procedure Preparation

Sclerotherapy Preparation

Before Sclerotherapy is carried out, a Vascular Medicine Specialist or a Dermatologist may see if you’re fit to undergo the procedure. This will depend on the status of your condition. Not much preparation is needed for Sclerotherapy as it isn’t a major operation and requires a small amount of time to carry out. Before the start of the procedure, the affected area is first elevated in order to drain blood.


Ablation Therapy Preparation

You might be advised to stop taking particular drugs before the procedure, if any are taken at all. This might include:

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs


Blood thinners

You are advised to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing prior the procedure. Your Doctor may use Duplex Ultrasonography to map out to map out how the procedure is the be carried out.

Ablation Therapy Procedure

While this is a less straightforward procedure, its principle is still fairly understandable. Ablation Therapy heats up the vein to be re-absorbed by the body, making the Varicose Veins disappear. The Doctor will start the procedure by numbing the vein, followed by making use of the Ultrasound to see what is happening in the affected area. This is followed by passing a wire along the vein to heat up its walls through Radio-Frequency. If done through laser, the vein just closes through heat with no penetration.

Vein Surgery Preparation

Before undergoing surgery, inform your Doctor about any medications or supplements you are taking. You may need to discontinue certain medications.

Also, inform your Doctor about any existing medical conditions or illness.

Avoid oral intake of any food or drink, including water, for about 9 to12 hours before your surgery. Your prescribed medications can be taken along with a small sip of water.

Pre-medication is not often required for this procedure and is avoided if possible, as it may also hinder post-operative walking.