Abnormal Leg Veins

What types of NON surgical treatments are there?

All Non-Surgical Treatments are administered in fully equipped procedural centres.

NO cut or stitches

NO need for bed rest

NO general anaesthetic, hospitalisation or overnight stay,

The treatment is often referred to as 'walk-in walk-out' because patients are literally required to walk immediately after treatment.

What happens to the treated veins?

The aim of both Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy is to destroy the Abnormal Veins only. The successfully treated Abnormal Vein is reclaimed by the body and is no longer visible and cannot contribute to the development of more Abnormal Veins.

The remaining, normal Deeper Veins and Superficial Veins take the load of returning blood back to the heart.

When should abnormal leg veins be treated?

The earlier the better. Early treatment of Abnormal Leg Veins can help reduce the extent of damage to the skin and Deeper Veins.

What may happen if abnormal leg veins are left untreated?

Abnormal Leg Veins left untreated will NOT improve over time and will most likely worsen. There is also increased risk of related problems such as, Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clot obstructing the Deep Vein System) and Thrombophlebitis (tender, inflamed Surface Vein).

Can abnormal leg veins be too severe or advanced for treatment?

No. More severe Vein Abnormality conditions are more challenging for the treating Phlebologist, but even minor improvements can help reduce the disease’s progression and potentially eliminate symptoms such as leg pain.

Will the treated veins keep coming back?

The treated veins will only recur if the initial treatment was incomplete or unsuccessful. However patients should expect that new veins will appear, but at a reduced rate.

What if the veins have been surgically stripped or previously operated on?

Non-surgical treatments options may be offered to ALL patients, including those who have received surgical treatment previously.

Is there a cure for abnormal leg veins?

No, With all the recent advances in medical technology and understanding, there is still no known cure for Abnormal Veins. Restorative Surgical Techniques such as Venocuff© may be used to repair certain Abnormal Leg Veins but its application is limited to a select group of patients.

Does treatment cause future dependence on more treatment?

No. Treatment may be ceased or withheld at any time.